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‘Kidzmix’ Helping Kids Become Social Heroes


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Kidzmix Helping Kids Become Social Heroes is one-stop book that gives kids the skills to deal with all sorts of friend and playground difficulties. Full of practical tips and strategies it gives children practical skills that they can try out straight away.

Skills like knowing the difference between ‘cool’ and ‘cruel’ teasing – and what to do about it; how to stand up to bullying; being outgoing and making more friends; what to do when the kids say you can’t play; managing feelings and moods; learning how to calm down and to ‘grow’ it into ignoring, are just some of the fabulous skills that will help your child become a social hero. Filled with practical and effective tips for handling all sorts of situations, Kidzmix is a ‘must have’ playground companion for every primary school child (and their parents).



Part 1: The Adult’s Book

  • Social and Emotional Competence – What Does It Mean?
  • 13 Social and Emotional Skills Every Child Needs
  • 8 Ways To Teach The 13 Skills

Part 2 – The Children’s (& Adult’s) Book – 13 Skills

  • How To Be Friendly – S.P.I.T.
  • How To Join In
  • What To Do If The Kids Say ‘No!’
  • Knowing About My Feelings
  • How To Calm Down
  • How To Ignore
  • How To Trick Stinkin Thinkin
  • How To Do Supa Thinkin
  • How To Spot Sillyness The Fun Wrecker
  • How To Trick Sillyness The Fun Wrecker
  • How To Deal With Cool And Cruel Teasing
  • How To Deal With Bullying

This is what parents and professionals had to say about Kidzmix Helping Kids Become Social Heroes.


Kidzmix Helping Kids Become Social Heroes is a tremendous resource for parents – and their kids. It is a very quick read packed with practical tips and strategies. The role play activities, which come with step-by-step instructions, are empowering and also a lot of fun. The book has taught my daughter how to handle new situations and social interactions with confidence and enthusiasm, and now she knows exactly what to do when she feels that ‘Stinkin Thinkin’ coming on.


This is one parenting book that won’t gather dust on your bookshelf; you’ll find yourself folding page corners, highlighting bullet lists, and returning for frequent refreshers as your child navigates his or her way through our increasingly social world.   Ben King, Perth, Western Australia November 2012


Kidzmix Helping Kids Become Social Heroes” is fabulous! I love it. It speaks the language of the child and teaches kids the core skills they need to get along with their peers – as well as themselves – and it shows parents and professionals effective and fun ways of how to do this. It is an important book, and I have never seen anybody write so well to kids about psychology. Bravo Helen! Dr. Ben Furman, Internationally Renowned Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist; Director Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute; Author of ‘Kid’s Skills’. June 2011


I bought Kidzmix Helping Kids Become Social Heroes this week and I am loving it. As the mother of a boy with delayed social and emotional development, I’ve read a few parenting books, but yours is the first to be right on the mark – and so practical too! I love your philosophy, insight and humour. Mother of an 8 year old boy. September 2011

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